Recruitment Tool Kit

The Recruitment Network's Business Toolkit, is a library of easy-to-use tools for recuitment business professionals who want to check the heartbeat of their business to ensure they are maximising performance and profitability across all areas.

The tools include:

  • Employee Engagement Survey - Assessing the levels of motivation and engagement of your employees, and identifying key areas for change and improvement...more
  • Leadership 360 Survey - Benchmarking individual leaders' performance against opinions systematically collated from a wide range of coworkers, peers and direct reports...more
  • Training Needs Analysis - Identifying the gaps in employee skills and behaviour to enable recruitment organisations to develop robust training interventions that achieve the most effective ROI...more
  • Psychometric Testing - Benchmarking the behaviours and abilities that will deliver success in your organisation, giving you a high level of certainty in all of your people decisions...more