Training Needs Analysis

Do you train your employees?

How do you know what training they really need?

The Recruitment Network Training Needs Analysis™ is the starting point in any training process, enabling managers and HR professionals to identify what training is required by an employee not only to achieve their own personal growth plans, but also to address any skills deficits and requirements.

The importance of training in a recruitment organisation cannot be understated, not only to ensure the business has the required skills internally to move forward, but also to ensure that employees feel valued and are invested in.  A Training Needs Analysis will ensure that any investment in training will see an appropriate ROI and meets the needs of both employee and business.

The process is simple - we set up the assessment online and email you through a unique link to send out to your employees.  Once completed, one of our consultants will compile a comprehensive training needs analysis report for you to review and action back in your business.

If you are interested in running a Training Needs Analysis™ survey across your business, then contact us.