Sales Training

For over 10 years, we have been empowering recruitment sales professionals to improve their performance, increase their sales productivity and significantly outperform their markets. 


Sales Excellence Training

The Sales Excellence Masterclass is an intensive full day sales training programme for new and experienced recruitment sales professionals who want to evolve their selling strategies and significantly increase the effectiveness of their sales activities.

The programme has been developed by James Osborne, Sales Trainer of the Year (as voted by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, ISMM). 

Programme Objectives

  • Ignite, motivate and empower recruitment sales professionals to achieve and sustain consistently high quality of sales activity through the development of innovative and tactical sales strategies.
  • Develop a tailored sales framework to shorten the sales cycle and increase the volume of prospect relationships.
  • Increase the activity to return ratios in the sales process and activate passive sales channels.

Content Overview

The day is facilitated at a fast pace, is highly interactive and is designed to challenge and develop peoples' approach and attitude towards selling, covering the following areas:

  • The Recruitment Network Strategic Selling Framework™
  • Customer Target Mapping
  • Innovative Sales Planning
  • Generating Prospect Generator™ Partnerships
  • Competitor Analysis and Market Share Development
  • Using Benefits Statements and Proof Points to Sell our Points of Difference
  • Exploiting Gatekeeper Relationships
  • Maintaining Consistent Sales Pipelines to Avoid the Feast or Famine Syndrome
  • Developing High-Impact Referral Systems
  • Understanding and Changing the Buying Motivations of Clients
  • Strategic Account Management and Development
  • Uncovering Hidden Needs and Opportunities and 
  • Presenting our Service / Product Offering with Impact
  • Creating Calls to Action


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