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Be more profitable. Increase shareholder value.Scale your business.

Proud to be working with excellent businesses including…

  • TDA
  • Harrington Starr
  • Autotech
  • Boden Resource
  • Finlay James
  • Pro Group
  • Zitko
  • Highfield
  • Major Players
  • Niyaa People
  • Smile Education
  • Understanding Recruitment
  • Transition Partners
  • Few & Far
  • Arthur Edward
  • GemPool
  • Neuco
  • Phoenix Recruitment
  • C & M Travel Recruitment
  • beyond the book
  • Cobalt

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  • Free access to a library of recruitment tools, content, training, support and advice.

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    • Over 500 hours of free expert content
    • 2,500 free tools, guides and articles
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    • Free business roadmap toolkit
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    Free access to a library of recruitment tools, content, training, support and advice.
    TRN has taken my business and made it a ‘proper company'. I felt like a little fish in a big sea and It’s helped open up new avenues for me. All the support and training has been amazing.
  • TRN World

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    Everything in TRN Free, plus:

    • Extra 3,200 hour of new content
    • Invite all your Staff for free
    • Unlimited access to all TRN training courses
    • Unlimited access to all TRN Summits
    • Access to the TRN Guild Community
    • Unlimited Daily Powerplays
    • Access to 1% Series
    • Remote Account Management
    • and more...
    TRN World
    ‘TRN ask the questions that help you define your business. The advice is personal, and tailor made. It’s given us the framework to succeed’
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    £249 /month

    Everything in TRN World, plus:

    • Access to the TRN Marketplace
    • Live Group Roadmapping sessions
    • Dedicated TRN Account Manager
    • Monthly Live Peer2Peer Roundtables
    • Access to the TRN Marketing Network
    • Access to the TRN Finance Network
    • Access to Talent Managers Network
    • Monthly Pulse Sessions
    • Business Analysis with a TRN Advisors
    • Annual Pulse Healthcheck
    • and more...
    TRN World Plus
    We won a 6-figure tender with the help of the TRN strategic advisors. Anyone out there should get involved
  • TRN Club

    £499 /month

    Everything in TRN World+, plus:

    • Access to the TRN Club Zone
    • Free pass to the New Year Huddle
    • Free pass to the TRN Summer Retreat
    • Unlimited access to all TRN events
    • Tailored, in-house Powerplays
    • Unlimited 1:1 Support from TRN Advisors
    • Free access to all TRN helpdesks
    • Exclusive Supplier Discounts
    • Annual Business Healthchecks
    • Access to TRN Virtual Boards
    • Exclusive access to Club Guild
    • Exclusive access to Club WhatsApp groups
    • and more...
    TRN Club
    I am beyond grateful for the generosity the TRN team have shown me. So many nuggets that will be implemented in the business

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    Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

    • TRN is the organisation to be involved with if you are a serious recruitment professional or owner who wants to look to the future and drive your business forward. 

      They have created a knowledge sharing network that is second to none. It is not about one or two individuals with experience, it is about connecting professionals from across our industry to learn, grow, develop best practice and innovate together...there is real value. 

      Joining has been one of my best decisions in recent years.

      Barry Smyth
      Barry Smyth
      MCS Group
    • We tried for over a year to ignore the advances of The Recruitment Network because of previous experiences of networking groups, but 1 hour spent with TRN not only challenged me in a way I really enjoyed, but completely convinced me of TRN's value, and why I needed to be a part of it. 

      I have had the opportunity to access a network of amazingly talented people daily, which has been invaluable when making all of the big decisions in our business. 

      There is quite simply nothing these guys won't do to help and support my business. Their passion for driving excellence in recruitment is something I am very much aligned to, I am very proud to call myself a TRN member.

      Lloyd Stokes
      Lloyd Stokes
      Talent Digital
    • Since joining TRN 12 months, it has transformed the financial performance of my business. I’ve got my confidence back, recognise my strengths and being part of the network shows I am not alone with my challenges. 

      The team have loved the ideas I have taken from TRN and feel empowered to push the business forward. I’d strongly recommend TRN to others.

      Sarah Burns
      Sarah Burns
    • I was first introduced to TRN 3-4 years ago and was seriously impressed with their knowledge of the recruitment industry and their passion for doing business the right way. 

      Over the last 18 months, we have dramatically improved revenues and profitability. 

      We now have the infrastructure in place to increase headcount by 50% this year, and I am confident that TRN will have some fantastic ideas and plans to help us cope with the natural growing pains involved in such rapid growth. 

      TRN are straight talking and have high expectations of the people that they work with and therefore if you are keen to obtain a competitive advantage for your business then they are most definitely worth a call.

      John Gaughan
      John Gaughan
      Finlay James
    • C&M Travel Recruitment has been part of The Recruitment Network for a year now. I have now been working closely with James and the TRN team since then and the service and support I have received has been exceptional. 

      The support, knowledge, professionalism & expertise that James and TRN have is truly fantastic - I've never known an association or networking body to offer so much to its members. 

      We feel truly looked after and supported during what's been an incredibly challenging period.

      Barbara Kolosinska
      Barbara Kolosinska
      C&M Travel Recruitment & C&M Executive Recruitment
    • We won a 6-figure tender with the help of the TRN strategic advisors. Anyone out there should get involved.
      Dale Swords
      Dale Swords
      Understanding Recruitment
    • TRN gives you access to the answers. It’s an invaluable sounding board, allowing us to access knowledge we’d otherwise be without. 

      It’s revolutionised our metrics and created true accountability across the business.

      Chris Stringer
      Chris Stringer
      That Recruitment Company
    • TRN's knowledge of the recruitment industry, together with their sheer passion, energy, and ability to communicate clearly and simply to everyone, resulted in some major growth for our business and a complete change in mindset.
      Jon Drye
      Jon Drye
    • I've known TRN for many years and their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the recruitment sector continues to positively impact more and more people. 

      TRN has the contacts, knowledge and communication skills to help recruitment business owners through difficult issues as well as build strategy and practical solutions to maximise opportunities. 

      I highly recommend the TRN team.

      Aaron George
      Aaron George
      Amida Recruitment
    • You've given us structure and inspiration. The business road-mapping support and advice helped shape our business plan. 

      TRN is great value for money with unlimited access to training, advice, game-changing tools, industry gurus and experts. 

      Not only that the advice and training are forward-thinking, leading-edge and very relevant. 

      We are continually building our knowledge base, our confidence and our positivity.

      Abigail Stevens
      Abigail Stevens
      Think Global Recruitment
    • We have been members of TRN for a couple of years and can't recommend them highly enough. Their purpose and passion is evident through every touch point, and the resources available are highly valuable and current. Not only do we benefit from their expertise in the recruitment world, we really feel we have friends who care about our welfare and success. Thanks to all the team who work so hard to make such a difference to the industry.
      Anna Smith
      Anna Smith
      Beyond The Book
    • TRN are a positive voice, full of ideas, strategies and a genuinely great network! If you're looking for support for growth, stability or business in general for your recruitment business then I'd highly recommend the TRN team. 

      Genuinely nothing is too much trouble and everything is possible!

      Barry Maloy
      Barry Maloy
      Simplify Recruitment Specialists
    • James, Gordon and the wider TRN Team's insights and advice continue to be valuable to us and everyone in our business has benefitted from TRN World's content, as well as opportunities for peer to peer collaboration and learning through the network. 

      For us, as a growing business, there are plenty of occasions when James and TRN's support (and the challenge they give us too) has either given us a shortcut, helped us to do something better or helped us to avoid a potential pitfall. 

      The team at TRN are all good to work with and it feels like they're genuinely invested in the success of our business and our team.

      David Weir
      David Weir
      Tile Hill Executive Recruitment
    • Arthur Edward joined The Recruitment Network recently and it's simply amazing. I've dipped into other support networks over the years and although I learnt things and enjoyed the networking, the back end, hard facts and financial advice was always disappointing, TRN is miles ahead of anything else I've been involved with. 

      On top of the advice, support, regular chats and roundtables, is the energy, ideas, incredible templates and the ability to access such depth of knowledge and training for everyone from junior to director level.

      Heidi Bannister
      Heidi Bannister
      Arthur Edward Recruitment
    • We have got 1000 times more value from TRN than from anything else we've been part of (and we've kissed a few frogs!) 

      The advice, the resources the support provided has blown us away. was a cynic, having been in recruitment a while, however, TRN has been invaluable and has shown us there are other ways to skin a cat. 

      Being a member helps you build a strategy, creates structure and future proofs your business.

      James Butler
      James Butler
      Enteles Search
    • I was introduced to TRN through my brother when James and Gordon were offering free access for all to the TRN platform during the height of COVID-19 earlier in 2020. 

      l am now a fully-fledged member and the perpetual support, guidance and mentoring TRN provide to myself and my business has proven invaluable. 

      For a recruitment start-up (whose candidates rely on international travel) opening its doors 6 weeks before COVID-19, where we are now heading as we approach 2021 compared to where we would have been without TRN is a direction with far greater purpose, structure and momentum, and for that, I cannot recommend being a member enough.

      Jon Butler
      Jon Butler
    • We joined the TRN Network 4 years ago as a small agency looking for support and direction in the recruitment world. 

      Being as small as we were I did not think I would have the support that we were provided from both James and Gordon and the fantastic team. 

      If you are an agency and would like to be a part of something supportive and informative, TRN is where you need to be. 

      Thank you team TRN for all your support over the years!

      Leilani Reader
      Leilani Reader
      R Legal Recruitment
    • In a market with lots of business experts, it is hard to decide who suits you best. 

      TRN offers simply everything you need and more. James and Gordon have been fantastic in supporting our needs and have given us access to other business leaders for sharing experiences and problems. The online platform TRN World additionally offers easily digestible learning and resources that can be implemented with ease.

      They complement each other with sales and strategy development, tailored to your business needs - they want you to improve yourself and your business. 

      Liam Dobbin
      Liam Dobbin
      Wilsonhalligan Yacht Recruitment
    • The team at TRN have made all the difference over the last few months. Their energy is infectious, with a never-ending stream of ideas on how to help recruiters individually and together. 

      Their knowledge of the recruitment industry across so many different companies and countries is invaluable, adding a welcome perspective when you are bunkered down running one organisation. 

      Their ideas on business development and the structure around it have been particularly useful, but best of all is their common sense and enthusiasm making everything seem possible.

      Liz Norman
      Liz Norman
      EN I

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    When we get together, we get together.

    Whether online or face to face, the TRN member events are an explosive mix of fun, inspiration and learning.

    Helping recruitment leaders drive performance and profitability with purpose.

    The Recruitment Network is an encouraging and supportive community of recruitment company owners, mentors, and industry leaders.

    Gain invaluable insights and advice through our lively roundtable events, mentoring, and recruitment training services. Our members openly share ideas and insights, facilitating constant growth for all their businesses.

    Grow your business, compete with the best, and increase your profitability.

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    Helping recruitment leaders drive performance and profitability with purpose.

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    Every tool or template you need to run your business
    Business Roadmapping
    A personalised and interactive online framework to achieve success
    Employee Engagement Survey
    Track levels of engagement within your business
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    Summer Retreat
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    Knowledge Centre
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    Everything you and your team need to be the best version of you that you can be
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    1% Series
    A series of best practice video tips from fellow recruitment business leaders
    Huddle and Retreat Back Catalogue
    Access to years of content from some of the world's best speakers at our past events
    Building your Team
    Knowledge Centre
    Hundreds of articles, guidelines and videos - everything you and your team need to know
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    Quarterly online events providing fresh content from thought leaders and experts
    Online Training
    A comprehensive suite of online training resources for your team
    Webinar Series/Podcast Series
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    An exclusive network for those responsible for marketing to share ideas and access peers and experts
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    Leadership Academy
    A 6 month virtual programme to enable your emerging leaders to maximise their impact
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