(R)evolution Roundtable Series

Personal Leadership

09:00 - 09:45 Friday 30th June 2023


This event is a 45-minute interactive, roundtable discussion designed to help you improve your skills as a leader, facilitated by James Osborne of The Recruitment Network.

Suitable for 

Directors and Owners of Recruitment Businesses (sessions available for both TRN Members and non-members)

About this session

This short 45-minute session takes recruitment business leaders on a journey to give them both the confidence and ability to understand what is expected, know what is involved and take responsibility for improving personal and team performance.

Balancing personal billings and company growth whilst inspiring, coaching and developing others to deliver exceptional levels of performance Is challenging. Excelling at it requires an understanding of best practice management and leadership, along with the right tools, tips and techniques. Add to this the ability to inspire action and build effective habits, whilst installing a sense of accountability.

This session is full of practical ideas, tools, debate, real-life case studies and example stories of best practice leadership in recruitment.

We will be exploring the following topics:

  • Understanding leadership behaviours and styles, including IQ vs EQ
  • Motivating and inspiring ourselves and others to achieve our best 
  • Connecting with, influencing and engaging different personality types in your business
  • Managing good and bad performance 
  • KPIs, minimum standards, goal setting and metrics management
  • Efficiency management, delegation and resource sharing

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