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Expedo brings the recruiter and staffing journey into one cloud based eco system

Expedo is a best-in-class, cloud-based platform empowering recruitment businesses to scale fast and with compliance. 

From onboarding, managing timesheets and approvals through to billing clients, paying workers and reporting actual margins, Expedo supports the entire lifecycle management of your workers and contractors. Using intelligent automation and workflows, this unique technology does all the heavy lifting to streamline time-consuming, manual recruiter processes.

Expedo will help you

  • Improve margins through gains in efficiencies
  • Gain full visibility of your workforce, timesheets, invoicing and payroll
  • Reduce risk and remain compliant with UK legislation including IR35, GDPR
  • Satisfy clients with complex requirements using our granular customisable workflows 
  • Manage all worker engagement types with ease, removing the need for workarounds
  • Improve worker experience with self-service, mobile access and, faster payments
  • Save time and reduce double data entry errors integrating with ATS and accounting packages

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