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Goodman Nash

We can help you reclaim and pay less

We don’t claim to know your world but we do know property and we’ve helped many office occupiers in the recruitment sector. Michael Page, Reed, Randstad – they’ve all enjoyed the benefits of employing GN’s expertise. Closer to home perhaps, we recently triggered savings for CMD Recruitment and Conspicuous; both members of the TRN network. In the last year alone, we reclaimed £4M+ for clients operating recruitment businesses just like yours.

Trusted experts in business rate recovery

Goodman Nash is the UK’s leading property auditor and expert in business rates recovery. We’re brilliant at identifying the opportunity and then pursuing the recovery, helping businesses like yours to reclaim and save money.


  • Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We’re very proud of our badge but importantly for you it means we abide by the rules
  • We’ve been around for 28 years. That’s twenty eight years of hard work trading in the business property sector. It’s a long time in our world. We’ve gained significant experience which gives us the edge in finding every penny for every client
  • A strong reputation for best practice and successful rate recovery methods. Local councils and central government alike think so. Check out:
  • And the best part? We only charge once we know you can see your business rate savings. No up-front charges, no shady hidden charges…(Yes, you read that right)


Have you checked your business rates bill recently?

If no, and you want another way to save money we recommend auditing your business rates account. If yes, but it wasn’t Goodman Nash we’d encourage you to allow us to check again. 

Clients choose GN when they're keen to know the bill they are paying (or have paid) should be paid. Knowing a bill is calculated correctly, based on your specific circumstances, brings peace of mind and sometimes reduced costs. 

If you agree to explore further and ask GN to recover rates on your behalf, we lead, we advise and we get on with the job in hand at no cost to you until you can see we’ve saved you money. Money that can be ploughed back into your recruitment business.


Get in touch

Make sense? To find out more about how we can help you recover your rates savings and possibly pay less in the future, just like we did for Dan Barfoot (CMD) or Rob Wachman (Conspicious), both TRN members, please call 01380 739112 or email: quoting TRN

Goodman Nash