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We help recruiters take recruiting to the next level. Loxo’s software is an integrated suite of data-driven products. Our single software platform manages the full recruitment life cycle, eliminating the need for complex tech stacks. Loxo enables recruiters to deliver results more efficiently through an improved workflow and automation.

Our automated AI-powered sourcing engine becomes more intelligent over time, continuously realigning itself more closely with the perfect candidate match.

The Loxo Talent Intelligence Platform offers:

  • Applicant Tracking System

  • Recruiting CRM

  • Proprietary talent graph of 750 million+ candidates

  • Outbound recruiting software application

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) interconnectivity across the entire horizontally integrated suite of products

In short, our Talent Intelligence Platform helps recruiters deliver more effectively on their clients’ requirements, while the user-friendly design ensures adoption to guarantee success.

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