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Team Head Coach

Team Head Coach is a unique management and leadership training programme that will enable your team leaders to create a strong culture, collaborate effectively and develop winning mind-sets.

A straight talking, plain English approach that blends techniques from professional sport and real world business. We build our approach on the belief that doing is improving, so the training will be highly experiential and practical with group discussions, interactive activities, live skills application and time-bound projects.

Air punching, screaming business clichés and regurgitating platitudes – not really our thing. We are not here for light entertainment or a business jolly. What we do is focus minds, inspire change and make real positive difference to your organisation.

But just like any great coach, we believe you can entertain and have some fun whilst you become a high performing team.

The vast majority of our client base is made up of either repeat clients of through recommendations as a result of our unwavering focus on ROI and the tangible results that are seen within the first 24 hours of the course. We are able to produce these results by forming a collaborative partnership with the business, understanding their key values and helping them achieve their vision through developing their leaders. We invest a huge amount of time and effort to immerse ourselves in the business and so want to be a part of the growth and success rather than come in, do a quick fix and then are never to be seen again. We have a robust embedding process to ensure that creates a culture of accountability that ensures the learnings are delivered and followed up. We do this as we know that if delivered consistently, then the Team Head Coach program guarantees results! The 750 recruitment leaders we have worked with in the past few years are testament to that!

Team Head Coach