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We’re a strategic marketing consultancy for recruitment brands. 

Unearthed is a strategic marketing consultancy who sit nicely between creative and performance, helping you to define your purpose and use it to stand out in an extremely crowded market.

Our mission is to show the world how incredible your company is. We’ll deeply invest time upfront, getting to know you, then use our passion, creative talent and commercial know-how to transform your marketing capability and help you grow. With a streamline, no fluff approach, we’ll help you define purpose and demand, at pace.

If you’re a recruitment owner and know you need to improve your marketing efforts or have tried, failed and don’t want to risk further budget, then we could be for you. Think of us as your Marketing Director, who is able to think strategically and then deliver the execution.

Our Process

1. Purpose

Tell my story.

We’re yet to meet a business founder without a purposeful reason for starting in business and that isn’t likely to change. Your story is what makes you, the highs, the lows and everything in between. We’re here to learn first, and share this story with the world. 

Help us stand out.

Standing out from the competition is tough work, and takes more than a fancy logo. Fuelled by your purpose, we’ll define an identity that resonates emotionally with your audience and reflects everything incredible about your business. 

2. Engine

We need a marketing engine.

A high performing marketing engine can be the difference between hitting your growth targets or not. It’s mission critical. We build the glossy shop window and then help you dive under the bonnet to build a martech stack aligned with your business strategy.  

How do we connect with our market?

It’s tough out there, and highly competitive. Understanding what your audience wants, then giving it to them, is an artform in itself. We do the research, write the strategy and help you give the people what they want. The right content at the right time. 

3. Demand

How do we grow?

It isn’t easy. It requires deep research, strategic thinking, experience and lots of talking. We’ll do the hard yards with your leadership team, align with your sales strategy and do the thinking needed to create the growth plan.

We need more leads.

Qualified leads are the ticket to a successful pipeline, and we can help you fill it up with the kind you need. Be the lead magnet you always wanted to be with our expert guidance.