8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

James Osborne
James Osborne
8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

Just some ramblings from our recent conversations with recruitment leaders around the topic of sales and business development...


  • Create your Own Recovery
  • Swap pessimism for opportunism
  • V shaped return even in a U shape - Capitalise on the new market share
  • Create the change you want to be / Rapid fire evolution.

Control the Controllables

  • Avoid the distractions
  • Move from “difficult” to “different”.
  • Reposition yourselves – strategic partners, not transactional suppliers

Design your New Normal

  • What do we want our new normal to be after this?
  • Don’t let paralysis set in / Re-engineer the way you work now
  • Think – easy to buy, easy to use, hard to get rid of (sticky)


  • Only work on the top 3 core drivers – nothing else matters
  • Meeting, Meeting, Meetings
  • Interviews, Interviews, Interviews
  • Profit – Good business only / maintain margins

Low Hanging Fruit 1st

  • We are spending too long looking for new opportunities - opportunities sitting right in front of us.
  • Existing customers
  • Dormant customers
  • Network maps – who knows who?

Go where the market is going – look at the trends, where is the market going?

  • Who will lose because of Covid? Pivot away from.
  • Who will stagnate because of Covid? Develop a maintenance programme
  • Who will win because of Covid? Target with all you have!
  • Turn non-customers into customers – create and align products to their tomorrow’s needs


  • We have been stopped, started continuously for the past 7 months, and will continue to be.
  • When everyone else stops and starts, the winners are those who keep the momentum going.
  • Create a rhythm, get a daily cadence of minimum activity, weekly cadence of minimum standards.
  • No excuses!
  • Set Weekly Baselines and work in 90 day sprints
  • Activity levels up and above pre-covid times

Pipeline, pipeline, pipeline

  • Who on earth said stop selling?!!!
  • No-one – just adapt how you do it.
  • Make sales strategic – a mapped out and well defined, end to end process
  • Make sales consultative – sell solutions, with products sitting behind them
  • Align and measure marketing impact on sales… or stop doing it!

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James Osborne
James Osborne