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Measure and Improve the candidate, client & contractor experience, strengthen the relationships with your clients, improve the skills of your consultants and impact your bottom line.

Relevant Feedback

Recruitment specific feedback, throughout the hiring process, differentiated by work-type & aligned to each consultant.  Depth and breadth of feedback that allows you to identify who needs to improve, what part of the process & how much training & development is required.


Automated collection of candidate and client testimonials that can be published to your website with a click of a button.


Automated collection of candidate & client referrals.  Sourced by simply providing an exceptional candidate experience.


How do you represent your client's brand?  Win new business by providing unique & unrivalled insights into the hiring process.

Flight Risks

The only replacement you should be making is, not knowing with knowing.  Mitigate risk before it happens.


We don't just help you understand how your contractors feel about you, we help you redeploy them with speed & data.

Recruiter Insider