Ep 1 - Marcus Davies-Bateman & Chris Dunning-Walton

Ep 1 - Marcus Davies-Bateman & Chris Dunning-Walton

Episode 1: Marcus Davies-Bateman and Chris Dunning-Walton

The Recruitment Network provides a platform for successful recruitment leaders to share their stories, experiences and perspectives on what it takes to get to the next level. In this episode, we present an engaging conversation between two great businessmen: Marcus Davies-Bateman, Managing Director of Cobalt and Chris Dunning-Walton, CEO of InfoSec People

Sneak Peak:

Marcus Davies-Bateman:
Cobalt is built with specialist recruiters, operating across multiple geographies and specialisms, built from decades of experience in international real estate, private equity, construction, and engineering. 

Chris Dunning-Walton:
Chris Dunning-Walton is the owner of InfoSec People, the leading expert in Cyber Security contingency recruitment.  

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