The Definitive Guide to Marketing

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The Definitive Guide to Marketing

The ultimate guide to getting your business marketing ready. Learn the skills and techniques it takes to improve your brand and generate leads.

Before you begin creating any form of marketing for your business, whether that’s for the first time oryou’re looking to refresh your existing plan, you’ll need a strong strategy. 

This is different from yourcontent strategy which should help you to plan what type of marketing content you’re going to create. 

A strategy should, therefore, outline the aims of your overall marketing campaigns and is a document which should evolve over time depending on your results and any emerging industry trends.

To begin, you need to outline what your aim is for your marketing strategy. 

Here are some suggestions of the types of aims you might wish to pursue:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To improve your existing customers’ loyalty
  • To gain new customers
  • To drive more traffic to your social media/website
  • To establish yourself as a thought-leader
  • To enter new markets

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